Story behind Drako Getting Milked

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Story behind Drako Getting Milked

Applejack had locked Drako kitty up over a month ago, not letting the poor kitten out of his chastity cage. So, today, after being a very good locked up kitty during the past month, the stallion had decided to let him out and reward him.

Apple heard somewhere that this kitty wanted to be milked, so he decided to take it upon himself to make sure the feline got a genuine farm experience.

Apple took Drako to a small farm where he helps out, knowing full well they had a special machine just for what was in store.

So Apple took the kitty into the barn and tied him onto the fence in a back stall where the machine was waiting.

Before starting his own duties, he made sure the kitty was well tied down before removing the cage.
As the cage came off, Applejack watched as Drako's cock got fully hard, and lubed it up before slipping the teet of the milker onto that feline bone.
He then left him there, completely helpless as that machine relentlessly worked the felines hard cock.

Apple left him to do some duties on the farm, the feline getting milked for load after load after steamy load of his kitty milk, moaning out and panting to the mixture of pleasure and pain that didn't let up, no matter how many times he came. Each load adding to a canister that was collecting his steamy semen for later.

When he returned to a well milked and fairly tired kitty, Applejack couldn't resist.
So he came up to the feline, stripping naked and getting hard himself.
He pulled Drako into a deep kiss before mounting the feline's tight ass.

He pounded into the kitty as that milker was working on getting another load out of the feline's cock until they both finally came, leaving the kitty exhausted from the new excersises this big hoss had put him through.

Now Applejack is offering the keys to this kitties chastity cage to anyone who is brave enough to venture into Drako's Den, provided that whoever takes the keys is willing to return them within a month to let the poor kitten out of his sessions - only so that another person can take a turn locking the poor kitten up after he has had a bit of fun.

This is a scene to help make our newest site mascot, Applejack Stallion, feel welcome.

You may learn more about him, and his offer, on Drako's Den: 
Drako Swiftclaw
Founder of Drako's Den and Playground