Seperation to Sorrow

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Seperation to Sorrow

I know I've been bad
Done things that have pushed you away
Things I truly regret

I see the dark clouds rising
Lonliness asunder
as my dreams shatter
from my own actions

I cry out to the heavens
Beg for mercy
As I feel what seperation
Has begun to do

Then I curl up
Missing what I have
Taken for granted

Missing the love of another
That warm tender touch
The smiles we shared

I cry out again
I am truly sorry!
I regret what I've done

And just as the darkness closes in
Englufing around my enpty soul
You come up behind me
And pull me into your lap

You breathe life into me
Restore light within me
Then you pick me up
And carry my home

You who I pushed away
Returned to save my life
To take me in as yours
And keep me forver.

You refuse to let me go
Your love for me burns strong
And mine is stronger still
All thanks to you

I will always be yours
I cannot live without you
I love you more than I know
Drako Claw
Founder of Drako's Den and Playground