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Renfox Therian "John the Ringtailed Fox" (not his real name) is an anthro male fox-raccoon hybrid standing at 6'3", and weighing around 250 pounds. Don't be decieved by his size, for this strong male is a gentle giant; only when something threatens him should you become worried.

He looks very much in appearance like a fox with a raccoon's fur coat. His muzzle and ears are pointed and black-tipped. He has a black raccoon's mask, as well. His fur is largely brown-grey, with a beige-grey undercoat along his jaw, throat, chest, abdomen, and groin. his tail has four black rings on it, like a raccoon's. His hands and feet are also black-tipped.

His shaft is knotted, but otherwise, largely humanoid in appearance, protected by a sheath.

RingtailedFox, by RedCoonie