No longer trusting Adopts from FA...

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Posted by jmac32here jmac32here
So, recently, I was trying to bid on this guy:

And placed a bid of $40 for the AutoBuy on him on Sunday Night.

Then the artist:

DELETED the entire adopt with all the bids.
There were 3+ people bidding on him, and I was only one of them.

Then she re-uploaded the entire adopt and "extended" it till the 25th.
(Orginal Bidding was to end the 18th)

Only to END all bidding as soon as the first bid came in - which to my surprise - was the same exact person to have placed the minimum bid on him the FIRST time.  (Without giving the rest of us who were watchng a chance to re-bid.)

We called her out on it, and I have not only informed FA, but have sent in an official report to the FTC and FBI for further investigation on this matter.

I also sent her notes asking what happened since I did place the AB bid on the original.

She is just shrugging us all off.

So I feel that since this site has become nothing more than YCH's and Adopts these days that I will begin lowering my expectation of this site on being the community that the STAFF always claims it SHOULD be.

In that regards, while I am not leaving FA - I have been here far too long, and have had my fun with all the hiccups that happen here (considering that I do run an ACTUAL furry community site).

I do plan on no being as active on here as I once was, and I will continue my community outreach to get good quality folks onto Drako's Den so that we can have a safe community for furries without fear of being STOLEN from.

I also do not plan on participating in many, if any, YCH's or Bids on this site for adopts anymore - esp considering how fresh this is to me, and how this site now is only these things - without the legal backing that it NEEDS to prevent lawsuits.  (Since Bids on items are legally binding regardless of where you place them.)