Naughty Camping Trip

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Posted by jmac32here jmac32here
male gay anal teasing camping ych sergal bunny canid tabby-twogon hybrid cock hyper

So Thony_Dog31 ( ) drew this lovely YCH where I went camping with a few others.

While I was cuddled up to a big guy and we were watching a sergal and bunny fucking, I couldn't help but also notice the size of the love pole on the male I am cuddled up to.

Anyone think I could take it, or will it skewer me?

Drako Swiftclaw is me, the hybrid on the far left.
If any of the others in the pic would like to be known, feel free to leave a comment.
(Any of you can also message me on Telegram or Discord.)

Can also join me on Drako's Den, which you can find on my profile.