It is wrong

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It is wrong

It is wrong to make people suffer
Or to extend this suffering well beyond
Any reasonable means

It is wrong to break another person's heart
And to leave them there in a shattered mess

It is wrong to punish someone
Well beyond the means for said punishment

It is wrong to continue to scrutinize another person
For their past mistakes
Especially when they are trying
To make amends

It is wrong to try to force someone
To become something they are not

It is wrong to despise someone
For being something different

It is wrong to spread hatred
Over our differences

It is wrong to hurt another person
Whether it is physcial or emotional

It is wrong to disrespect another person
Regardless of our opinions of them

It is wrong to take
What is not ours

It is wrong to mess with
Someone else's belonging

So much wrong
And yet we are all guilty
Of making these mistakes

How about we learn from history
And do what is right

Embrace the differences
For if we were all the same
Life would be boring

Follow your heart
Love is not a choice, its a feeling
Drako Swiftclaw
Founder of Drako's Den and Playground