How to Sbmit a Story/Poem

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How to Sbmit a Story/Poem

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Please Register and Login to your Drako's Den Forums Account before posting your Story.
This will allow you to edit your Story later if you need to make changes.
Also, registered users can have a custom Forum Signature and a Profile Picture.

Registered users get the following benefits:
Registered users will not be prompted for the anti-spam CAPTCA when they post.*
The ability to edit/delete to their own posts - useful for Stories and User Descriptions.
The ability to have a custom Forum signature.
The ability to upload a custom Avatar Image.

To submit a story or a Poem:
Use the Subject Field for the Title and Chapter/Section of the Story/Poetry.
Write your Story/Poetry in the Message Box.

Users may replay to your stories to leave comments on your work.
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