Furry Hatred

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Posted by jmac32here jmac32here
Furry Hatred

So, before I begin, I want you all to listen to this:

Now I'm hearing that 2 is being called out as a bad person for not being PC.
But 2 is a _comedian_
How many comedians are PC?
(Hint, the answer is less than 1)

This is just the latest example of newer/younger furs shunning older furs/greymuzzles
Usually calling us creepy or some other thing to indicate our own bad beavior.
While these very same furs ignoring the consequences of their own actions.

Many of these new furs want "family values"
Or in other words, the same Christian beliefs that shunned the original furry fandom
Threw furries into a ditch to go die and rot in hell.
The same people who refused to teach furries any social norms
And therefore creating the problem we have here today.

2 called it out nearly 15 years ago.
So why are we being shunned now??

Well, its because we can see the truth of the fandom and fully embrace our natures.

Now before this escalates into a flame war
Please understand the following definitions:

1. an object regarded with awe as being the embodiment or habitation of a potent spirit or as having magical potency.
2. any object, idea, etc., eliciting unquestioning reverence, respect, or devotion: to make a fetish of high grades.
3. Psychology. any object or nongenital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation.

1. a twist or curl, as in a thread, rope, wire, or hair, caused by its doubling or bending upon itself.
2. a muscular stiffness or soreness, as in the neck or back.
3. a flaw or imperfection likely to hinder the successful operation of something, as a machine or plan:
A. There are still a few kinks to be worked out of the plan before we start production.
4. a mental twist; notion; whim or crotchet.
5. Slang.
A. bizarre or unconventional sexual preferences or behavior. (Added: The behavior does not have to be sexual.)
B. a person characterized by such preferences or behavior.
verb (used with or without object)
1. to form, or cause to form, a kink or kinks, as a rope.

So, the real issue here is that:

Newer Furs have tried so hard to pull away from their own nature (IE: Our oddities and the sometimes sexual side of them)
That those of us who helped build the fandom into what it is today is now being shunned by those who are taking advantage of the very community we built up to be open and welcoming.

Because they feel so butthurt over the media over-inflating the sexual aspect of the furry fandom and want to put a complete end to that viewpoint.

Hint: Furry is both by nature.  (Fetish, Kink, and Kink-normative does not have to be sexual by default, as per the definitions above.)
As all humans have some fetish/kink in their nature.  (Religion can be/is a fetish/kink.)

The media loves to focus on the "darker" side of things or fun sexual things
Because SEX SELLS and if you want your ratings to go up, you need to dig deep into that.
And the media needs high ratings to survive, so - get used to it.

All humans have this "dark side"
It's part of our nature.
Why must we bully each other for our differences when many of us joined the fandom to escape that from those humans around us?
So why can we not embrace our own nature and return to the open and welcoming fandom that us "original furs" have been fighting to create?

For those of us who are sensible furs can join me and our close knit group on Drako's Den and Playground:
We support the openess that the fandom was supposed to be.
Drako's Den: http://drako.furfag.net
Drako's Playground: http://drako.twilightparadox.com/