Flynn and Drako Redux

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Posted by jmac32here jmac32here
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So After Flynn got a taste of Drako's tight ass, he stuck around till he caught the feline between sessions.
It seems like the foxxie wanted a chance at having the kitten's large doubly knotted cock into his own tight butt.

Not like I'm complaining any, its a rare treat for me to be out of cage, much less balls deep inside someone else.
Looks like Flyn is enjoying himself as well. Maybe I should let him get my cock more often, that is, if my keyholders allow me to.

This piece was a gift from Flynn Fox: Flynn_Da_Fox -
in responce to my gift to him here -
and was drawn by Sinister-Jordex -

Which makes this a continuation of scenes from Drako's Den Chat.