Drako Ref Sheet

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Posted by jmac32here jmac32here

So I made a few changes to my fursona and this lovely updated ref sheet was made by the awesome ladylyrebird ( http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ladylyrebird/ )

As you can see,
New purple headfur and blue harness, which stays on with my eCollar.
I am locked in chastity a majority of the time, so that beast of a cock doesn't get much time out to play.

The collar is a rolled (round) metal electronic collar colored in Gun Metal Black:
The inside of the collar has contact points that can shock/eStim him if needed.
The collar is electronically locked onto him, with no visible connection points or joints.
The outside of the collar had a tag ring in front with an LED light panel starting on one side of the ring, going around the collar to the other side.
The LED panel is wide enough to display messages or light in various colors.
The panel is usually lit in purple with his SID # "795772195" visible in the center of the back of his collar.
His SID # "795772195" is also engraved on the top of the collar in both the front and back.

There are 4 Tags on his collar:
The 1st, a silver bone shaped tag on his collar reads:
"Drako Swiftclaw, Tabby-Mewtwo-Dragon, Switch"
The 2nd is his green, bone shaped SEA-PAH Member Tag.
The 3rd, a red heart shaped tag that reads:
"May seem distant/aloof but loves scritches & cuddles." on one side and:
"Loves bites/marks. Trained/Locked Companion." on the other.
The 4th, a silver military style tag that reads:
"Drako Swiftclaw, Handler of Steel" on one side and:
"Drako, Pet kitty of Storm Graywing" on the other.

So, when he can come out to play, who would chance that beast with two knots and all those barbs?

Also, the artist caught a couple other small details that you may notice on one of the rear views. *wink*