Dont tease this hybrid...

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Posted by jmac32here jmac32here
male female straight sex vaginal human tabby mewtwo dragon hybrid furry teasing chastity

So Ivy here, she spent a month teasing me while I was locked up..
Little did she know that I would hunt her down and repay her the moment I was free.

Though, it looks like she enjoys having both of my knots deep in her cunt...

Ivy -

Drawn by BlackBatWolf -
Original is here -

Note: This will be the last piece of artwork I receive that will be cross posted to all websites.
I already began limiting the photos I cross post.

But fear not, all my art and photos will always be posted to Drako's Den -
I will only cross post to one other random site, depending on when I get the art.

You can always follow me on Drako's Den, or join me in the chat rooms there.