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I am an ABDL (babyfur/diaper fur)  and love wearing diapers and onesies.

While I love wearing and wetting diapers, mainly because my love of watersports is what led to a local babyfur friend of mine to convince me to wear diapers.

I do wet, but do not mess.

How many of you love wearing diapers?
Do you wet/mess?
Have you worn them to work or while out of the house?

Also, do you like wearing plastic pants and/or onesies over your diapers?
Drako Claw
Founder of Drako's Den and Playground
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Re: Diapers??

I'm a diaper fur, love my onesies and diapers.
I always use them till they are full/leak... sometimes takes a while to accomplish too, but i like getting value for money on them as they are a bit expensive.

I wet all the time... have wanted to try messing but id want to do it with others around who are doing the same.
I don't really wear them outa the house less I'm going to certain events that are ok with them. Sadly i don't have plastic pants but i do wear my onesie over it, makes them fit so snuggly <3