Come Korvamah

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Come Korvamah

It saddens me so
To watch those I care about
To allow themselves to be around
Those who manipulate, control, deceive, and lie
Instead of being near
Those who offer true love and compassion

Innocent lives destroyed
By these predators
Some so evil
They force others away from true love
And force others to lie with them
Even though they may have HIV

Happiness destroyed
By a few simple
And very stupid mistakes

Ones whole lifestyle ruined
And perceptions of him destroyed
By a mistake
Seen as evil
For something he did not want to do

If this world is heading
To where the most sacred things
Are as disposable as toilet paper
To where boundries are not respected
And where life is no longer sacred

Than Korvamah
I feel you coming
I accept your cold embrace
For I do not wish to live
On a savage and loveless planet

But I beg
That with my last breath
The truth be known
The light be seen
And they will feel
How much I love them
Drako Swiftclaw
Founder of Drako's Den and Playground