Aftermath Chapter 6 - Farewell Mix

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Aftermath Chapter 6 - Farewell Mix

Aftermath Chapter 6 - Farewell Mix

It had been a year since the station had opened, and I had that wonderful night with that wolf. However, the stress of our positions, and him becoming lead engineer had started to take its toll. We began to distance ourselves from each other, more or less forced to focus on our jobs.

I was idling on the Com Deck when an alert rose up within the system.

~Alert 151, Condition Red, we have an anomaly in sector 2135.~

"What sort of readings are we getting, Belle." I questioned.

~Unknown, I have never seen readings like this before~

"I'm ready to launch and check it out, sir. Already have 2 crew members with me." A familiar voice piped in.


"Yes sir, its me"

I let out a sigh, he was always doing things like this. It worried me a lot. But I knew someone had to check this thing out.

"Alright hun, prepare to launch"

"Yes, sir. We're ready."

"Be careful hun"

"We will."

"Bell, Authorize launch."

~He is in Shuttle 3 sir, already prepping the bay for launch.~

The shuttle launched, carrying Mixy and the other 2 to that odd phenomenon. I watched as the shuttle moved away from the station, taking readings the entire way. I watched, both the shuttle and the readings. Nearly on the edge of my seat. My tail twitching in anticipation and fear as I watched the wolf I love leave for this mission.

Within a few moments of the shuttle getting into close range with the strange region of space, the entire shuttle flashes, then was gone. We checked all the sensors, and could not locate the shuttle.

"Belle??" I stammered..

~Sir, the shuttle just vanished. I'm not receiving any telemetry from it.~

"Open a channel"

~All channels are open.~

"Shuttle 3 come in."


"Shuttle 3, this is the Bell East, please respond."


"Shuttle 3, hun.. please answer me!!"


"Belle, I temporarily relinquish my command, I will be unfit for duty for some time."


I rose out of my chair.


"Yes sir?" Sam responded.

"You have the Com."

"Yes sir."

I left the Com Deck and took a long, sad ride down to Deck 5. My brother met me as the lift doors opened. Grabbing me by my side and walking me to my quarters. I had already begun shedding tears, knowing that the wolf I fell in love with was now lost.

We barely made it into my quarters before I fully collapsed. My body falling to the floor as I began to sob. My brother held me close, rocking
my body as I continued to cry out. Sobbing loudly for I could feel the tug in my chest as my heart was ripped from my frame. The one I gave everything to, and even though he distanced himself from me, I still loved him. And now.. I may never see him again.


I did nothing but cry and sleep for several weeks. Refusing to eat, to move, to even leave my bed. After almost 2 months, my brother took me to the medical bay. I was considered close to dead, in critical condition from lack of food.

They began to feed me via IV and force me to begin to move around a bit more. The entire crew wanted me back, they needed me. I had to learn to be strong. I had to learn to let go and move on.

After almost a year, I was back on my feet. Back in command of the station. They never replaced the Chief Engineer, and then a file came across my desk. A young kitsune who had worked on the North Star as the assistant Chief.

He came highly recommended for promotion, and I just so happened to have had the opening.
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