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Aftermath 7 - Court Marshall

Aftermath 7 - Court Marshall

There had been rumors going around, and even I had the feeling that I must find that shuttle.  But how?  Where would I even begin.  In the vastness of space, it would be like searching for several lifetimes for a needle in a massive void.

I awoke with a start again, another dream of him.  They have begun to get more frequent.  The sense that he was in danger, and that I must go rescue him.  I got up and began going through those files.  Reviewing people for the position on that station.  I keep going back to this foxes file, but something has me erring on the side of caution around him.  Something keeps delaying me from making a much needed decision.  Then there’s the feeling, why is that link between us still there?

And of course, the interruptions....

~Commander~ Bell chimed in over the com.

“Yes?” I answered.

~You presence is required on Com Deck.  The Northstar is on her way and she has requested a direct audience with you.~

“On my way.”

Why was the Northstar on her way here?  She was scheduled to be in Sector 4199 Mark 9 by now.  That’s over 200 light years away.  Either way I need to figure this one out.

So I rose from my desk and began to head out of my quarters, only to be met up with Stefen.  He walked with me to the lift.  The doors opening as we both step in.

“Com deck” I called to the lift.

The doors close and the lift begins to move up.

“So, where you off to?” I asked him.

“Same place as you,” he replied.

“Any idea whats up?”


The lift stops and the doors open, Crystal was already there with Sam.  They turn and notice us.  Crystal was a pseudo morph gold lion.  She twitched her tail as she saw us approach.

“Commander,” she started.

“Yes?” I questioned.
“You have orders to take the Northstar to the Gamma Quadrant.”

“What?? Why?”

“Your shuttle 3 has been broadcasting a signal from there.”


“Looks like it’s in that uncharted space past the Icarrus system.  They have ordered you to take the Northstar and explore the system, in hopes you find them.”


She then handed me the file with the direct orders from the Council.  It was written that I was permitted to search for our missing crew as long as we explored and charted that particular region of space.  There was no direct reference to which ship I was to take.

“But..” I started out.  “There is nothing here about me...”

“Hush you,” Crystal interrupted.  “You are taking the Northstar, the crew and I have decided on this and that’s final.”

“Well then,” Stefen started.  “I’m going with.”

“We would have it no other way.” she stated.

“Well then,” I started. “To the Northstar.”

Of course, without any further ado, the Northstar transported us from the Comdeck of the Bell East and into the main transporter room of the Northstar.  With a flash of light, we were taken to our vessel, so to speak.

We stepped off the transporter pad and made our way to the Bridge.  The Northstar did seem different from how I remembered her, but she is still a very fine vessel.

The crew greeted us with a nod the entire trip up to the bridge.  As we entered the bridge, I saw the same two officers at the helm.  Both of them smiled at me.

Also on the bridge was a red and black kitsune.  I saw his smirk when I entered the room and knew exactly who he was.

“Kyu,” Crystal started. “We will need you in engineering pronto.”

“Yes, ma’am” He chortled. “Just wanted to check out the commander.”

“This,” she turns to me. “Is Kyunoma, the one we recommended for the station.”

“I see” I replied.
Kyu left the bridge and she smiles to me.

“Obviously,” she starts. “You won’t need him if we can get your crew back.”


“Ladies and gentlemen,” she starts on the Com.  “I hereby relinquish my command of the FOS Northstar to Commander Drako.  You have all agreed to go on this mission with him, and I will claim my place as his second in command once more.  As many of you are aware, this mission is extremely dangerous and has never been attempted before.  This is a two toned mission.  We are on an mission to explore uncharted space, and to rescue the lost crew of the Bell East.  To begin this mission, we will have to enter very dangerous space.  I thank you all for your loyalty, and thank you all for your service.”

“Sir.” She turns to me.  “The Bridge is yours.”

“Lay in a course for Sector 5177 Mark 4,” I started. “Transwarp 2.”

“Course laid in, Sir.” Ricoh stated over the helm.


With just a few buttons, we were now traveling at Transwarp.  Going at faster than the speed of light, or so it seems, on a journey that would take us deep into the Gamma Quadrant.  At this rate, we will enter the Quadrant in only a few days.

I began to go into deep meditation, pondering why I had all these feelings.  It’s as if something out there knew he was still alive, still wanting to come home.

After some hours, Crystal and myself went down to the mess hall.  It was a quiet day, and we didn’t need to say a word to each other.  She knew exactly who I lost on that day, and exactly how much that affected me.  I felt her surprise of me even having the strength to command that station, much less going on this mission.

While we ate, I contemplated where we were going.  Not a single Federation vessel has come back out of the Icarrus System in over 50 years.  The three factions there: Lunatee, Critus, and Trogdon have been at war for some time.  The Trogdon faction used the other two as slaves before they revolted.  The war has raged on since.  Only reason we know this is just before the revolt, a vessel was able to get to the Trogdon’s section of that system before being told to turn back.  This is also why the region of space beyond has never been charted.

During the trip, I stopped by Engineering and watched the fox work.  He took notice and smiled at me.  He was rather efficient, but something still seemed off about him.  After some hours, I noted the time and went to retire myself in my quarters.

About an hour later, after my shower, I was lying on my bed naked when my door chimed.

“Come” I answered.
It was Kyu.  He just stared at me a moment.

“Sir, I calibrated the Fusion Coils.  Should get more power from Transwarp now.”  He started.

“Thank you.” I answered.

“You are cute”

I could just blush.

“M..may I” He began to apprach.


Before I could think, he was on the bed and fondling me.  He then slid up behind me, since I was on my side, and began to grind his growing arousal against my rump.  It had been so long since I was tended to, so many heats that I had to endure.  I forgot who I was for a moment.  Without even much of a fight, I let him have his way with me.

The next morning when I awoke, he had already left.

I spent the next couple of days between the bridge, the mess hall, and my quarters.

All the way till the moment when we were just crossing into the Gamma Quadrant.  Suddenly the Transwarp drive failed and most of the ships power faded.  I was on the Bridge.

“Pat?” I started. “What was that?”

~It appears we have an energy drain.  Source is sector 214, crew quarters.~

“Seal the area”

~Yes sir.~

“Security, meet me in sector 214.”

I approach the sector and go towards the room with the source of the energy drain.

We override the door and it opens.

There is the fox having sex with a known fugitive.  On the table in his room was a device that had enormous amounts of power coming through it.  The design was that of a weapon, using unstable particles.

Needless to say, they were both arrested and taken to the Brig.  A message was sent out and a ship was on the way.

The trial was a simple one.
“Kyunoma” I started. “I will not try you here for your crimes, you and your cohort, who is a known felon, will have to answer to the Council.  What saddens me is that you had the balls to seduce me, only to be building a Weapon of Mass destruction on this ship, with the help of a known felon.  Take them away.”

They were taken by the other ship, and we commenced repairs and began our journey once more.  Here’s to hoping we have good luck when we reach the Icarrus System.
Drako Swiftclaw
Founder of Drako's Den and Playground