A brief history of how Drako became what he is today.

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A brief history of how Drako became what he is today.

So, I now have people asking me silly things like:
"If you're part Mewtwo, why can't I see that in your photos?"

Therefore, I have decided to write a brief history about how Drako became what he is today.
(Note: It took over 6 years of meditation for him to reveal every detail about himself to me.)

Drako is a three-way hybrid, and part of this falls into the history of when he came out.
Initially, in 2004, Drako was the "DragonHeart Mewtwo" which would have led to him becoming a Mewtwo/Dragon hybrid.
(As seen here: https://drako.createaforum.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=241)

However, back in those days, it was nearly impossible to find anyone willing to draw a custom Mewtwo based fursona for someone.
Especially if that art were to involve any adult themes, which Drako has gotten a reputation for being a bit of a slut.

We were unable to find anyone willing to take any commissions to draw even a reference sheet of him for a while.
So he and I agreed that since he was mostly feline already, it would be best that instead of being full on created as the DragonHeart Mewtwo, he should have been born some feline, and his DNA re-sequenced to add the Mewtwo DNA.
This led to him being a tabby-mewtwo hybrid. Tabby being that breed of house cat.
This also re-added the external ears alongside his horns.
This was just before I was able to get his first rendition sketched for me.

Another reason why there became a small change was very early on, people would question Drako's fur pattern.
(Seen here: https://drako.createaforum.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=240)
People could not believe he was Mewtwo based, but have the fur pattern of a tiger.

After having that first rendition drawn (for free), the artist that sketched it told me right off no one will ever draw him, especially if I pay them to.  She believed that since he was based on a Copyrighted character (Mewtwo from Pokemon) that artists drawing any rendition or variations of him could see legal trouble from the owners of Pokemon.  She advised me to make some modifications to not make the Mewtwo as obvious.

This helped to explain his markings, and reduced a lot of the bold appearance of being a Mewtwo.

Several years later, after his escaped the lab that made him what he is, the dragon that helped him (and was his mentor) gave him her last bit of life, by also infusing a part of her into him.  (Giving him dragon DNA and her memories.)
This last piece made him form into the three-way hybrid you see today, which also changed his horns so that the Mewtwo part at the base was not as obvious among the tips that were more dragon like.

This reduced the physical traits of his Mewtwo side even more.  
The only physical Mewtwo traits he carries now are the artery tube connecting the back of his head to the top of his back, and the bulb at the tip of his tail.
He still retains the psychic abilities that were granted to him from the experiments that injected the Mewtwo DNA into him to this day.
Drako Claw
Founder of Drako's Den and Playground